Real Time Microfocus X-ray Inspection and SEM equipment sales & support.

Low Cost Refurbished Microfocus X-ray Inspection & Electron Microscopy Equipment, PCB BGA SMT Semiconductor Failure Analysis 

Refurbished Microfocus X-ray Systems


Systems with Open type X-ray Sources

  • Medium to High Performance
  • Infinite Life Span X-ray Source
  • Field Maintainable Performance
  • Feinfocus
  • X-Tek, CR Technology


Microfocus Systems with Sealed Tube X-ray Sources

  • Medium to High Performance
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Nicolet, Glenbrook, Faxitron


Customized Mini or Microfocus X-ray Systems

  • Configured to your requirements without features you don't need
  • Optimized Savings for a limited range of use.
  • Low Resolution Cone Beam CT available at very reasonable cost

Scanning Electron Microscopy, High Vacuum Analytical Systems

Refurbished Tungsten Filament SEM


  • JEOL or Hitachi Service
  • Refurbished JEOL or Hitachi Systems
  • XRF Microanalysis Service.
  • General Repairs or Design for High Vacuum & High Voltage Apparatus. 

Field Service for SEM or Microfocus X-ray Equipment


  • Available to perform Field Repair Service in Nearly any location.
  • North American English or Portuguese speaking FSE.
  • Registered with the Arizona radiation regulatory Agency.

Custom High Vacuum & High Voltage Testing or Analytical Equipment Design & Repair


  • Helium Leak Detection Systems
  • RGA (residual gas analyzers)
  • XRF (x-ray fluorescence)
  • Ion Implantation Processing Equip.

Equipment Engineering

Technical / Availability Request

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Providing High Quality Refurbished Microfocus X-ray & Electron Microscopy Equipment since 2002.

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